Intructions for mounting replacement fuel pump # 8556 on 2-cylinder motors:

V4 crossflow pump 8556 installation

It mounts on the motor as illustrated above.

You will need a couple of 10-24 stainless screws to mount it. These are generally available at a good hardware store but typically come in either 2" or 1-1/2" lengths.

On some motors these may bottom out; cut them to 1-3*4" if this happens or shim the screw heads with something). 1-1/2" are usually are too short.

You will need to plug the VRO pulse hose source (on the block for most motors* ). These take a brass or SS 1/8" pipe plug.

The oil/fuel mix in the fuel tank will need to be 50:1

* NOTE: on some early (1984-86) motors the pulse hose fitting itself was installed on the manifold as above (where the plug is on later models), rather than on the block.
Remove that and install pump as otherwise directed.

There should be nothing to plug at the block if the pulse fitting was originally mounted on the manifold instead of the plug as shown at the top.
The pulse fitting was relocated to the block on later motors and the manifold was plugged off instead as illustrated at top of page.