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The new non-oiling pump mounts in place of the original VRO pump, as shown below:

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No alteration is necessary for V4 mounting
Once mounted, the fitting on the hose plugs into indicated spot in place of VRO pump fitting

V4 bracket

For V6 motors, the pump is a double-diaphragm design and is slightly larger. This requires removing a small portion of the bracket, as follows, to enable the rear diaphragm hose to clear the bracket:

V6 bracket

It's made of plastic, so can easily be cut with tin snips or similar, usually without removal from the motor.
The mounting procedure is otherwise identical to the V4 instructions above.

The fitting on the hose of the new pump matches the special fitting on the outflowing fuel fitting on the VRO pump.
Mount the pump so the fitting will align with the port on the bracket where the VRO pump fitting was seated, push it in until it seats securely, and attach the fuel-in and pulse hoses as shown. On many motors, you will need to replace the fuel-out hose from the bottom of the bracket to the new pump (provided) if the original doesn't reach.
Mix gas to oil in the fuel tank at 50:1 ratio (1 pint oil to 6 gallons gas)
and you're all set!



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